Statwolf’s FAQ

Do you have questions about Statwolf, our installation, integration, or more? Click the topics below to reveal the sub-topics contained within and get an answer for your query. And if you have a question that we have not answered here, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Getting started with Statwolf’s Platform

What is Statwolf?

Statwolf is an end-to-end online analytics platform that allows you to unlock the secrets in your data .

Today’s businesses manage masses of data but accessing and making sense of it all can be a challenge.Statwolf makes it easy by gathering all your data into one place and offering tools to allow for data integration, analysis, visualisation and machine learning so your business has a competitive advantage.

We offer four packages for different analytics needs and challanges :

  • Statwolf Executive
  • Statwolf Analyst
  • Statwolf Integrator
  • Statwolf Machine Learning

We also offer Data Strategy bespoke solutions for enterprise-level customers which we design from the ground up with your exact specifications in mind.

What do I need to install to get Statwolf?

There’s no need to install anything. Statwolf is an online service available directly in your web browser – regardless of where you are!

Where is Statwolf hosted? On my computer or in the cloud?

Statwolf is a cloud-based platform by default, but on-premises version is available upon request. Please contact us for further details.

Is it possible to get a server version of Statwolf?

We can install Statwolf on your company servers. Please contact us for a free consultation and we’ll talk you through it.

How does Statwolf pricing work?

Statwolf has a standard annual Subscription, to be paid on a monthly base or on an annual base. If you decide to pay annually, you get 2 months for free. For the pricing of add-ons or customisations, please contact us.

What is a data source?

Any information provider like third-party software (e.g. Google Analytics), files (e.g. Excel, Word), and databases (e.g. Oracle, MongoDB, MySQL) are data sources.

Statwolf integrates both Standard and Premium Data sources. Please see the table below to see what kind of Data Sources are included in your package:

  Executive Analyst Integrator Machine Learning
Standard Up to 5 Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Premium Upon request Upon request Unlimited Unlimited

What are the Standard Data Sources?

Standard data sources are all the web analytics, databases, etc. that Statwolf integrates with no additional costs. That means that their integration does not have any impact on your fee.

What if I need to integrate any other Data Source that doesn't appear on your website?

Statwolf is specifically designed to easily integrate almost everything, efficiently and effectively. Contact us and we’ll get our team on it for you.

How many users does Statwolf include?

Statwolf Executive can be used by everyone within your organisation, with no user limits.

All the other packages (Analyst, Integrator, Machine Learning) work as follows:

  Executive Analyst Integrator Machine Learning
Statwolf Dashboards   Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Dashboard Creator  Unlimited  Unlimited  Unlimited  Unlimited
 @statwolf  Unlimited  Unlimited  Unlimited  Unlimited
All the other Features included in the package  -  2 Users  3 Users  3 Users

Do I need to purchase a Statwolf subscription for each brand I want to manage?

That depends on whether they are on the same legal entity. So, if your users and/or seats belong to different legal entities. For example, and, then the prices might change according to the number of entities involved. Please contact us and we’ll find the best solution for you.

But if you have multiple users on the same legal entity then you can use your Statwolf subscription as you see fit! Whatever the best solution for your business is, Statwolf is designed to optimise for that.

Is any training provided by Statwolf?

To get you started at the highest speed from day one, we’ll provide you with initial 30-days training (i.e. Onboarding), which include:

  • Live webinars to get a complete overview of the Statwolf platform
  • Dedicated sessions with our Data Experts to get you up and running for the very beginning
  • Tutorials and documentation to answer any doubt

How does Statwolf support me after the Onboarding?

The Statwolf Team is always available to support you with technical issues and questions related to the usage of the Platform.

If you need extra help for running complex analysis, our Team of Data Experts can support you with custom consultation, upon request.

What else do I need to know?

Is it possible to subscribe to a white-label version of Statwolf?

Yes, we can provide agencies with a white-label version of Statwolf. Please contact us for more information about that.

How does Statwolf keep my data safe?

We are constantly vigilant about data protection and privacy. We adhere to the highest security standards and are proud of the standards we set. We have a host of security measures including:

  • All data that is uploaded and downloaded is fully encrypted.
  • A fully redundant platform with multi-tiered backup.
  • 24/7 network monitoring and network-based intrusion system (IDS).
  • ISO 27001, HIPAA and HITECH compliant hosting partner: Microsoft Azure Data centre accreditation under international and industry-specific compliance standards, including FedRAMP, SOC 1 and SOC 2, along with country-specific standards like Australia IRAP, UK G-Cloud, and Singapore MTCS.

Can I use Statwolf on my phone or tablet?

Statwolf's web experience is optimised for desktop and laptop devices. However, it is possible to get an optimised Statwolf for tablet or mobile, upon request. Again, it’s one of the many benefits of having a fully customisable solution!

I don’t need Statwolf anymore, what is the cancellation policy?

You can decide to cancel your yearly subscription to Statwolf at no cost whenever you like. We don’t want unhappy customers but we’re convinced that once you try us, you’ll wonder how you lived without us! Once your subscription to Statwolf has ended all the data integrated in the platform will simply be deleted.

Please contact us for further information.