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Statwolf 4.0

Industry 4.0

We make industry 4.0 reality!
Turn industrial data into actionable insight to increase productivity, reduce downtime, improve quality and optimize service - thanks to our smart monitoring solutions for Industry 4.0.
Statwolf is designed for big data and integration: all the relevant data sources (from equipment, MES, IoT devices, production planning and human resources software, …) in a unique view for enabling new and optimized functionalities and procedures
Trust the experts: Statwolf founders are pioneers in the field of developing Machine Learning-based solutions for Industry 4.0 with recognized achievement in the industrial and scientific community
Deployment types Built on secure and consolidated industrial components and standard, with the right deployment type for you (Cloud, Local, Hybrid and Site-to-Site VPN)

Statwolf for Manufacturers

More than a MES! Exploit the Statwolf Platform for a real shop floor 4.0: improve your quality, your productivity and your operations with data and artificial intelligence.

Simple and interactive dashboards for your Key Performance Indicators

Availability, Performance, Quality, OEE - Overall Equipment Effectiveness, Right the First Time… we don’t provide just the visualizations, but a critical assessment of how your KPIs are calculated.

Management Wall

All the information of your plant at your hand with a unique access point!

Plant business intelligence

Make your production and quality meetings more productive: don’t just trust opinions, but evaluate everything in a data-driven fashion with automatic reports and interactive analysis.

Discover with Self-service analytics

If you have a production analyst in your team, make his life easier with a technology that allows him to create effective dashboards to monitor production and processes without the need of a single line of code!

Shop Floor KPIs visualizations

Motivate and inform your workers with fair evaluations of lines and work stations performances


Predictive Maintenance: know in advance when maintenance will be required in your equipment and processes
Anomaly Detection: enable zero-defect manufacturing strategies by detecting unseen outliers and anomalies. Enable fast corrective actions and new troubleshooting thanks to state-of-the-art interpretability approaches designed by Statwolf.
Soft/Virtual Sensors: achieve estimations for important productive quantities without actually measuring your production! Increase quality, control and monitoring performances.
Dynamic Sampling: optimize your sampling strategies by moving from random to data-driven sampling.
Adaptive and Multivariate Control Charts: your production and processes change over time, exploit monitoring policies that are always optimized for the current scenario.
Computer Vision-based Defect Detection: exploit deep learning approaches to automatically detect and locate defects in your productive images and videos.

Discover Statwolf for Manufacturers

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Statwolf for Equipment providers

Your installed equipment is connected, now what do you do? Exploit remote/IoT connections to your machines to improve your service operations, gain additional knowledge of your equipment and sell new services/functionalities!

Your machine, your dashboard

Provide an additional service to your clients, with a visualization tool easy to use and to integrate with internal IT systems. Make your clients get a better understanding on how your equipment is performing and how it is used.

All your machines at a fingertip

Have a unique view with the status of all your machines installed in the world!

Optimize your service operations

with integrations between real-time equipment status, maintenance plans and even CRM information.

Make easy comparisons

about different equipment installed in different sites and with different settings.

Provide additional functionalities

Predictive Maintenance: optimize your service operations by knowing in advance when you need to visit your client for the next maintenance interventions.
Provide additional functionalities to your equipment by embedding data-driven approaches like Adaptive and Multivariate Control Charts, Anomaly and Fault Detection, Soft/Virtual Sensors.
Take advantage of the cloud and the remote connections of several machines: the data collected from one machine can optimize the performance of another tool!
Improve through times: start with a simple solution and let Artificial Intelligence improve as more production data becomes available. Make also your client tag data for you by exploiting dedicated interactive environments.

Discover Statwolf for Equipment providers

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