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Statwolf Platform

The right technology for every step of your data journey

Statwolf platform is designed to provide full-stack data experience, and to fit easily in your IT environment

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Connect to any data sources, retrieve the data you need at any granularity, feed any destination and allow querying by third-party tools.



Design and maintain your data model, enrich the dataset to make analysis easier, perform data discovery in a few clicks and modify the data pipeline as best suits your needs.



Setup data workflows that minimize your manual workload; schedule data updates, syncs and reports, trigger actions on destination platforms and tools.


Data science

Make advanced analysis with our off-the-shelf algorithms, create new ones tailored to your needs, deploy and maintain them with our MLOps module.

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    Data Science


    With Statwolf integration capabilities you can connect to various data sources and destinations.
  • Statwolf provides many ready-to-use connectors to the vast majority of IT, Digital and Industrial/IoT platforms.
    Even for uncommon data sources and destinations, Statwolf allows defining new connectors and ETL/ELT logic with few lines of code.

    Statwolf handles multiple integration strategies with third-party tools and platforms; it can feed your data lake with raw data, sync a preprocessed dataset to your data warehouse, expose a connection layer to your BI/Analytics tool, open an API/web service to other applications, and much more.


  • Analytics

    With Statwolf analytics suite you can perform data discovery, modelling and reporting, all in your browser.
  • Explore the data coming from integrated data sources, assess data quality, join them with other datasets to enrich their information and create usable data collections.
    Stawolf makes available the data collections ready for analysis, both off-the-shelf and custom-created. With few clicks you can study trends, define aggregation, and design new dimensions and metrics.

    Once your analysis is ready, you can:

    • Create a simple report to share with colleagues and collaborators;
    • Design a complete dashboard - with filters and notes - and make it available to everybody.
    • Of course, with full control over data visibility and accessibility!
  • Automate

    With Statwolf data workflow environment you can design, test and activate data-driven actions.
  • Configure how and when your data sync with original data sources, the operations and transformation needed to the original data, and where to send them.
    Schedule the frequency of reporting - e.g. daily, weekly, every first Monday of the month, and so on.
    Setup data-driven actions, configuring rules and thresholds or thanks to our AI algorithms.
  • Data Science

    With StatwolfMLE environment you can create, modify, test, deploy and maintain Machine Learning Environment/AI algorithms:
  • Exploratory data analysis tools allow for straightforward data visualization, data inspection in a single line of code, and efficient feature engineering.
    Machine Learning Environment modules allow you to build, train and test your model in no time. They provide
    • A wide range of off-the-shelf algorithms for classification, regression, clustering, time series forecast and outlier detection.
    • Various convenient functions to perform hyper-parameter tuning, cross-validation, models evaluation, model explanation and comparison among different models.
    Statwolf MLOps features help you to manage the industrialization of Machine/Deep learning algorithms lifecycle. It provides several features to increase automation and improve the quality of production models, while also focusing on business and regulatory requirements.

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- Cloud: forget the hassle of managing cloud infrastructure and services, and enjoy your deployment.

- Hybrid: keep your critical IT system in your infrastructure, and exploit the scalability and cost-wise features of our cloud.

- Private Cloud/On-premises: take full control of your Statwolf deployment within your own infrastructure.


- ISO 27001, HIPAA and HITECH compliant hosting partners: Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services and Hetzner Cloud

- 24/7 network monitoring & network-based intrusion detection system (IDS).

- Full encryption applied to all uploaded and downloaded data.

- A fully redundant platform with multi-tiered backup.

- Contact our team for more information and options.

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