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Statwolf Digital

Statwolf Digital

From data collection to performance analysis, up to the consideration of the point of view of each individual customer: all of our digital solutions are customized for your business needs.
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Key Solutions

All your data, wherever you need it

Connect all your data sources and access information from one place. With Statwolf you can collect data from any source and add it directly to your data warehouse, data lake and machine learning tool.

Discover, monitor and optimize

Explore your data and easily define the data model that best suits your business needs. Create quick and useful reports to monitor and further improve your marketing activities. Take advantage of the Statwolf interface to create a business dashboard or connect with any BI dashboard and tool you are already used to.

Unify your data and identify your audience

Improve the knowledge you have about your customers, thanks to our Customer Data Platform. Identify the customer's journey, multiple audiences and your buyer personas. Design business actions, adapted to customer behavior, expectations and interests.


A development team at your disposal

We are very proud to support our customers on their journey into digital analytics, with a fast and results-oriented approach to obtain a customized solution that meets their needs.

Our team of experts and partners will provide all the help you need, from assessing your goals, through configuring the Statwolf platform, to delivering your customized solutions, training your team and daily support.

Our team of developers and data science will provide fast and secure solutions for your specific needs (eg Custom data integration, workflow or machine learning algorithm).

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