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Here you will find free, comprehensive eBooks on both marketing and data science, as well as diagnostic tools to sink your teeth into.

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The Beginner's Guide to Natural Language Processing

If we look decades into the future, the words you’re reading may not even be written by a person – but by an artificially intelligent computer program.

This guide will help you get to grips with the basics of Natural Language Processing and how to start your own NLP project.


The Predictive Maintenance Cookbook

What is the recipe for success in maintenance? It’s a question more and more companies in the industrial sphere are asking themselves. And as a result, these companies are looking to predictive maintenance to improve their performance. 

Doing predictive maintenance is like cooking: you need to follow the recipe carefully. Download our free comprehensive eBook and get everything you need to know.


Predictive Maintenance Readiness Assessment

Are you ready to implement Predictive Maintenance for your business? Why are you interested in Predictive Maintenance in the first place?

We broke it down into five personas: the Influencer, Novice, Improver, Practitioner and Expert - which one are you? Take our assessment and find out.


Predictive Maintenance
Cost-Saving Calculator

Predictive maintenance is the obvious successor to preventive maintenance. Preventive maintenance requires routine checks on machinery, predictive maintenance uses algorithms and data to determine when a machine or part will break down – reducing machinery downtime and overall costs.

Try out our calculator to find out how much predictive maintenance could save you.


Your Ultimate Guide to Analytics Dashboards

Wondering how to the make the most out of your data? 

We'll show you how to save time, effort and money using an advanced analytics marketing dashboard. This eBook tells you exactly what you should do to get the most out of your marketing efforts – by allowing you the time to create – not just collate. Download it here.


5 Marketing Rules you Need to Break Right Now

This eBook covers the five rules of traditional marketing that you need to break. We are not living in a traditional world anymore so why are so many marketing professionals still relying on the old rulebook?

We cover a range of topics in the ebook that is designed to make your life as a marketer easier. We know the challenges you face every day. Your data should not be one of them. Want to find out more? Download the free eBook here.


Marketing Dashboard
Cost-Saving Calculator

You can spend hours tweaking spreadsheets to create charts that actually say what you want them to, or you can save serious time and budget and use an integrated marketing dashboard instead.

Fill in the calculator below and we’ll calculate how much capital an integrated marketing dashboard could save you each year.