Platform Features

Statwolf’s analysis capabilities are its core strength. Our Data Integration Engine brings together business data across your entire technology stack, giving you the speed and flexibility you need to manage and create real-time analytics of any kind, while the simple interface means anyone in your organisation can use it.

Businesses change all the time, so Statwolf is designed to be flexible. The first of its kind, the architecture of the platform combines the intelligence of machine learning with an infinitely scalable analytics layer, and hybrid columnar storage.

Statwolf Executive


Unlimited Statwolf Dashboards

Create as many dashboards as your team needs.



Query complexity, simplified. Intelligent query generation that allows anyone to analyse unstructured data using Natural Language Processing with 100% accuracy.


Dashboard Creator

Design your dashboard in three easy steps:

  1. Conduct analysis with filtering, aggregations, trend analysis, pivots and visualise them in a variety of ways.
  2. Select your preferred analysis methodology, customise your filtering options and build your layout's graphics.
  3. Save your dashboard in your menu, or make it available to the entire team.
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Statwolf Analyst

Include all the features of  Statwolf Executive, plus:


Data Manager

Add and manage as many standard data sources as you want.


SQL Free-hand Query

Develop unique queries in SQL for even greater control over your advanced analytics.


Workflow Editor

Manage your non-standard data flows by creating datasets from different data sources, and get them to work together.


Data Governance

Securely share your data and reports while maintaining your organisational governance policies. Define user groups, manage data access permission and oversee data sharing options.

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Statwolf Integrator

Include all the features of  Statwolf Analyst, plus:


API data integrator

Integrate your own data with our APIs in complete autonomy.


Export ODBC

Access your data from any external tool of your choice by making your queries with SQL. No API needed!


Dedicated Cluster

Deploy a dedicated Statwolf platform to maximise your data analytics capabilities.


Data Backup

You can request your backed up data, any time you need it.

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Statwolf Machine Learning

Include all the features of  Statwolf Integrator, plus:


StatwolfML Explore

Run various types of exploratory analysis on your data (e.g. distribution, correlation, PCA), share the results and gain a deep understanding of the actionable insights hidden within it.

StatwolfML Deploy

StatwolfML Deploy

Manage your machine learning data flow in the production environment, which includes pre-processing, cleaning, normalisation, dimensionality reduction and algorithm updates.


StatwolfML Train

Select, setup and train a wide range of machine learning algorithms. Keep track of their performance to improve and reproduce the results.

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Package Add-ons


Enterprise Login

Automatically log-in to Statwolf with your Enterprise credentials

White Label

Your Statwolf platform with your own Brand (domain, logo and colour palette)

Security Features

  • ISO 27001, HIPAA and HITECH compliant hosting partner: Microsoft Azure.
  • 24/7 network monitoring & network-based intrusion detection system (IDS).
  • Full encryption applied to all uploaded and downloaded data.
  • A fully redundant platform with multi-tiered backup.
  • Data centre accreditation under international and industry-specific compliance standards, including FedRAMP, SOC 1 and SOC 2, along with country-specific standards like Australia IRAP, UK G-Cloud, and Singapore MTCS.

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Case Studies

Statwolf Success Stories

TSW, a bustling Italian digital agency with a roster of international clients, were spending endless hours on reporting tasks. Thanks to Statwolf, TSW has revolutionised how it does business

Statwolf's Digital Marketing solutions help us create added value, backing up our cutting-edge strategies and campaigns with results.

Stefano Guerra,
Digital Strategist

TSW is a bustling Italian digital agency who design 'human experience'. With a long roster of corporate clients to manage, TSW were struggling to make data-driven decisions. 90 percent of staff time was dedicated to extracting and analysing data - which left little time for acting on their insights. In a nutshell: TSW needed to better organise its data.

The Solution

TSW integrated all its data sources into Stawolf's platform. Using Statwolf's Advanced Analytics Toolbox, the TSW analysts could create new analysis in total autonomy.


TSW saw a 100 percent reduction in time dedicated to data extraction and analysis. Furthermore, the team saw an 80 percent reduction in the time dedicated to preparing reports for clients. TSW now dedicate this ‘extra' time to clients' strategy development, analysis design, and business development activities.

Case Studies

Statwolf Success Stories

Roland DG is a global leader in digital technology who recently started digital marketing activities. Statwolf’s marketing is now a crutch to how they market in the EMEA.

Since we started using Statwolf to manage our digital channels, we have more time to focus on developing effective strategies for our business

Vittorio Neri,
Digital Marketing Manager

Roland DG is a global leader in digital technology. It recently started digital marketing activities to reinforce its inbound strategy and to attract ready-to-buy leads. 

The Solution

Statwolf created a platform for the B2B giant to integrate all the data within Roland DG’s EMEA CRM. The solution was tailor-made to support Ronald DG’s ever-changing needs and to facilitate individual EMEA marketing managers to monitor their country’s performance across multiple channels.


An intuitive solution, Statwolf is now at the backbone of Roland DG’s EMEA marketing activities, with data from the dashboard as the main asset for decision-making regarding digital marketing in the EMEA area. 

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