Statwolf for Agencies

For agency marketers, there's rarely enough time in the day. Account management. Content creation. Social monitoring. Report writing. Client-facing presentations.

The list of tasks goes on and on and on. It's a delicate balancing act - and with so many reports and different data sources, keeping track of performance can be overwhelming and massively time-consuming. Statwolf's marketing dashboard automatically pulls everything together, offering a simple, complete view of your digital performance.

Key Features

It integrates seamlessly with major web platforms, including Google Analytics, Facebook and LinkedIn, displaying results on one simple dashboard.

Data can be visualised instantly, helping you quickly see what's working so you can efficiently generate progress reports and take action to modify your marketing activity.

You'll also gain powerful insights into consumer behaviour, which can be applied to future campaigns. With three tiers of service, we've made it simple to choose the one that best suits your needs.

Data Integration

Data Integration

Integration with all major Web and Video analytics platforms, social media networks and advertising services (e.g. AdWords)

Data Visualisation

Data Visualisation

Multiple levels of analysis: overview, comparison and in-depth analysis. Customised with your own branding by default.

Cloud Based

Cloud Based

No new installation required. Statwolf also integrates with existing BI solutions like Tableau and SAS.

Cloud Based

2 Tiers

Standard and White Label, to meet your clients’ needs, regardless of the amount of data involved.



Kick-Off webinar to help you get started. User guideline documents provided too.



2-year data retention guarantee. Ongoing platform maintenance support.

+ Dynamic reporting

+ Report Creator

Get your reports in the Excel template you prefer, and download them directly from your browser on a regular basis.

+ Advanced Analyst Toolbox

+ Advanced Analyst Toolbox

You can create your own dashboards and run custom analysis in complete autonomy, providing  total flexibility. No installation required.

Choose the right tier for you:

Statwolf Standard

From 1,500
for first 12 months
  • Training Webinar
    (2 sessions, 1 h. each), recorded

  • User Light Guidelines

  • 6 months of Consulting
    Data Integration Expert or Data Scientist for 1 hour/week

  • Second year from: €120

Statwolf White Label

From 4,500
for first 12 months
  • Includes all features from Statwolf Standard plus,

  • Allows you to remove Statwolf's branding from the interface

  • Custom sign-in screen, custom CSS and sign in via your domain

  • Custom Theme

  • SSL domain and certificate



Report Creator
(one-time cost)

From 5,750

Advanced Analyst Toolbox
(first 12 months)

  • Training Webinar (5 sessions)

  • 1 year of Consulting: Data Integration Expert or Data Scientist for 2h/month

  • 1 year of Support

What is a web property?

We define a web property as a point of presence on the internet that belongs to the company whose identity is associated with it.

For example, the following is a list of single web properties:

  • Your company website (e.g.
  • A different domain of your company website (e.g.
  • A single social network account (e.g. “Your Company” Facebook account).
  • A social network account managed by your company for different purposes/languages/customers (e.g. “Your Company - Italia” Facebook account).

However, something like your company’s review pages on sites like Amazon are not actually web properties, as they aren’t owned by you.

Per-property cost of €120 per year

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Case Studies

Statwolf Success Stories

TSW, a bustling Italian digital agency with a roster of international clients, were spending endless hours on reporting tasks. Thanks to Statwolf, TSW has revolutionised how it does business

Statwolf's Digital Marketing solutions help us create added value, backing up our cutting-edge strategies and campaigns with results.

Stefano Guerra,
Digital Strategist

TSW is a bustling Italian digital agency who design 'human experience'. With a long roster of corporate clients to manage, TSW were struggling to make data-driven decisions. 90 percent of staff time was dedicated to extracting and analysing data - which left little time for acting on their insights. In a nutshell: TSW needed to better organise its data.

The Solution

TSW integrated all its data sources into Stawolf's platform. Using Statwolf's Advanced Analytics Toolbox, the TSW analysts could create new analysis in total autonomy.


TSW saw a 100 percent reduction in time dedicated to data extraction and analysis. Furthermore, the team saw an 80 percent reduction in the time dedicated to preparing reports for clients. TSW now dedicate this ‘extra' time to clients' strategy development, analysis design, and business development activities.

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