What is Statwolf?

All businesses generate a wide range of figures and statistics. Statwolf helps you make sense of them.

A smart, easy-to-use online platform, it creates clear visualisations of your most important data, helping you make important business decisions.
A simple online platform, available anywhere, Statwolf helps businesses all over the world unlock the secrets in their data, and turn them into competitive advantage.

Today’s businesses manage masses of data, with more insights available than ever before. It brings great opportunity, but accessing and making sense of it all can be a challenge. Statwolf makes it easy.
Statwolf makes data easy to analyse and interpret – in real-time.

Data exploration techniques and advanced machine learning work behind the scenes to generate clear data visualisation.
Everything’s managed through a simple, intuitive user-interface, making it easy for anyone to use, empowering decision makers at every level.

We also offer ongoing support, and one-on-one access to data experts if you need them.
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