Solutions for Digital Marketing Agencies

With so many reports and different data sources, keeping track of performance can be overwhelming. Statwolf automatically pulls everything together and matches it up, offering a simple, complete view of your digital performance.

It integrates seamlessly with major web platforms, including Google analytics, Facebook and LinkedIn, displaying results on one simple dashboard.

Data can be visualised instantly, helping you quickly see what’s working, quickly generate progress reports and take action to modify your marketing activity.

You’ll also gain powerful insights into consumer behaviour, which can be applied to future campaigns.

With three tiers of service, we’ve made it simple to choose the one that best suits your needs.
Statwolf for Agencies
Key features
Data Integration
  • Integration of all the major social network analytics*
  • Advanced SEO and SEM systems integration (e.g. Semrush)
*Please contact us for the full list
Data Visualisation
  • 3 levels of analysis: overview, comparison, in-depth analysis
  • Definition of up to 4 user groups
  • Customisable with your own branding
  • 2 year data retention guarantee
  • Platform maintenance support & bug fixing
Quick Tracking
  • Training webinar to help you get started
  • User guidelines
Statwolf Light
Integrate 1 - 3 properties
Support: Best Effort
Add ons
Priority Support
Dynamic Monthly Report
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Statwolf Standard
Integrate 4 - 8 properties
Support: Best Effort
Add ons
Priority Support
Dynamic Monthly Report
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Statwolf Pro
Integrate 9 - 12 properties
Support: Priority, one day response
Add ons
Priority Support Included!
Dynamic Monthly Report Included!
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Optional extras:
Monthly Dynamic Report
Save time updating reports with monthly automated reporting, including charts, figures and detailed results analysis.
Priority Support
Get 24 hour response to your requests with priority support.
Contact us for more information about Statwolf extra features.
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